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At EcoSmart Builders, we are committed to providing leading edge construction solutions for designing, engineering, and building accessory dwelling units (ADU).

If you’re a homeowner with additional space, you might consider making effective use of it by building an accessory dwelling unit (ADU). Many property owners opt for garage conversion, which can enhance the property’s value and provide the owner with the opportunity to earn rental income.

The term “accessory dwelling unit” or ADU refers to any structure that could be considered an independent portion of a single property. This means that even if the structure is attached to the main dwelling, it still possesses all of the necessary features of a fully functioning living space.

An ADU might either be attached or detached from the primary structure on the lot. Many property owners with an unused garage space elect to convert it by either building atop the garage or transforming the garage itself into a dwelling.

While ADUs are typically living spaces, either for members of the family of the property owners or potential renters, there are numerous other creative options that the owner can adopt that would also increase property value significantly. Here are a few ideas for effective garage conversions.

Fitness Center

Adding a home gym to your property is a slightly glamorous yet surprisingly cost-effective strategy for a garage conversion. With a fabulous home gym, you can enjoy all of the features of a standard gym membership — dedicated space to work out, TV, sound system, and shower — while having total privacy. Best of all, you won’t have to pay membership fees!

Entertainment Room

A space for entertaining is a fantastic garage conversion idea, particularly for people whose lifestyle involves lots of family get-togethers or entertaining for professional networking purposes. Whether you choose to design a home theater, a home bar, or a recreation space specifically for parties, having a dedicated entertainment room could be a convenient and fun addition.

Children’s Playroom

If you’re tired of having your children’s toys and other belongings scattered throughout the house, converting the garage space into a children’s playroom could be a wonderful lifestyle addition. Rather than having the kids run around the house, potentially endangering your furniture and home decor, a playroom with scratch-resistant, easy-to-clean flooring with noise insulation will give you peace of mind and your kids a fabulous place all to themselves.

Home Office

An increasing number of organizations are becoming friendly to remote work, so having a dedicated office space that allows you to perform all of your professional functions without the distraction of the home environment could be a significant benefit. Whether you elect to add a kids’ playroom, home gym, an entertainment room, or a standard ADU for rental income, the team at EcoSmart Builders offers the expertise, dedication, and diverse suite of services that ensure exceptional outcomes on projects of every size. If you think a garage conversion could be right for your property, please don’t hesitate to contact the team at EcoSmart Builders for a free home qualification.
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