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August 2021

Why You Should Consider Constructing an Accessory Dwelling Unit in Los Angeles

Building an accessory dwelling unit in Los Angeles is becoming easier than ever. Here are a few reasons why Los Angeles homeowners are seeing the value in constructing accessory dwelling units on their properties. Accessory dwelling units in Los Angeles are becoming extraordinarily popular for a variety of reasons. Whether you need additional space for members of your family, if you want to build an entire home office, or if you want to rent the living space out to tenants, accessory dwelling units in Los Angeles can provide innumerable benefits. A lot of Southern Californians struggle to find affordable housing and adjust to the rising costs of living. Building an accessory dwelling unit on your property can simultaneously provide affordable housing while giving you a reliable revenue stream. Investing in your residential property not only keeps it nice for you and other inhabitants, but it can also give you long-term financial security by raising the value of your home. If you’re considering undertaking accessory dwelling unit construction, here are a few reasons backyard accessory dwelling units in Los Angeles County could be a good idea for your property and your lifestyle. Accessory dwelling units are highly flexible. Even if you don’t plan on renting the unit out to a tenant, you can still glean significant value from your accessory dwelling unit in Los Angeles. Building a dedicated home office is an excellent strategy for people who need a dedicated space for remote work, or who want to begin an entrepreneurial venture. Another great use for accessory dwelling units in Los Angeles is for personal fitness. If you would rather exercise in the privacy of your own home where you control the sanitation and upkeep of the equipment and the environment, constructing a home gym could be an excellent strategy. And keep in mind that uses for an ADU can evolve — it can start out as a living space and transition into a gym, entertainment room, or rental space later on. Accessory dwelling units are also excellent for people who have to care for an elderly relative. It provides proximity to family members for necessary support while giving the loved one space for relatively independent living, because all ADUs are fully functional living spaces with resources for cooking, sanitation, living, and sleeping. If your funds are limited and your property has garage space that can be repurposed without greatly inconveniencing you, a garage conversion accessory dwelling unit in Los Angeles might be your best solution. Garage conversions are typically the most affordable class of ADU because you’re effectively redesigning a structure, rather than building one from the ground up. Best of all, they take less time to construct than a standalone ADU, so you can have your extra space ready to use in a matter of weeks. EcoSmart Builders helps Los Angeles County homeowners construct exquisite accessory dwelling units using sustainable materials and designed to suit the aesthetic of the primary residence. To learn more about accessory dwelling units in Los Angeles, please visit our information page.

ADU Garage Conversion Questions Answered: Everything You’ve Always Wanted to Know About Accessory Dwelling Units

ADU garage construction seems like a big job, but knowing some of the important details in advance can help make the process easier. EcoSmart Builders specializes in providing Los Angeles County homeowners with the resources and tools they need to undertake an ADU garage conversion successfully. ADUs — accessory dwelling units — are proving extremely popular solutions for homeowners throughout Southern California. This is likely due to continually evolving lifestyles affecting housing decisions (more people working from home; more cross-generational families), as well as the extremely high cost of rent and residential property in the state. Constructing an ADU not only creates affordable rental housing for Southern California residents, but also enhances the homeowner’s property value and presents numerous opportunities for using the expanded space, from home offices to living quarters for family members or tenants. However, there are a lot of things you should know about constructing an ADU on your property. If you think ADU garage conversion could be a potentially profitable solution for you, here are the answers to a few of the most frequently asked questions about ADUs. What is an ADU? An ADU, or accessory dwelling unit, is a secondary living space on a residential property. ADUs can be attached units that are connected to the primary residence but with a separate entrance, detached units that are entirely independent of the main house, or garage conversions, where the existing garage space is transformed into a livable unit. There are also junior ADUs, which are under 500 square feet. ADUs must have their own entrances, and they have to function as wholly separate living spaces with their own facilities for cooking, sleeping, living, and sanitation. They are also known as “granny flats.” Is it legal to build a smaller home on an existing residential property? ADUs are legal in California, and even encouraged. Single-family and multi-family residential property owners may build ADUs, and multi-family property owners may even build more than one. How do I find out if my property can support an ADU? It depends upon the size of your property and the existing features. Do you have a large backyard? Do you have a garage you don’t use? Do you have an unused bedroom that could accommodate a separate entrance? You can find out if your property qualifies by taking our short survey. How do I use an ADU? ADUs have a variety of uses, and the best thing about having a fully functioning living area on your property is the flexibility it provides. For example, you can rent it out to tenants to generate additional income. You can use it as a home office. You can create a home gym. There are countless applications for an ADU. How long does ADU construction take? The length of time to build an ADU will depend upon numerous factors, including the layout of your property and the type of structure you elect to construct. A standalone ADU might take longer than an ADU garage conversion, because a detached, standalone unit has to be built from the ground up, while a garage conversion repurposes an existing structure. What does an ADU garage conversion cost? Like the length of time it takes to build an ADU, the cost of a garage conversion will depend upon a variety of factors, including the size of the unit, the amenities you wish to include, the condition of the garage (and whether it is suited to become an ADU), which finishes you want, and other issues. Contact a representative to discuss pricing and other issues related to constructing an ADU on your property. Do I have to live on the property after the ADU is constructed? California state law stipulates that the addition of a junior accessory dwelling unit (JADU) requires owner occupancy, but a standard ADU does not. EcoSmart Builders was founded to provide residential property owners the support and expertise necessary to construct durable, beautiful, and eco-friendly ADUs. If you think an ADU garage conversion could be right for you, please visit our information page to learn more about constructing ADUs in Los Angeles County.

Benefits of a Garage Conversion to Apartment Space for Retirement Living

Garage conversion to apartment space is one of the smartest investments homeowners near or at retirement age can make. Here’s why garage conversion might be an excellent strategy, not only for your long-term retirement security, but also for the security of your family. If you’re approaching senior citizenship, a retirement fund is critical. If you’re a homeowner and want to add additional revenue to your retirement account, one of the best options is through garage conversion to apartment space. It can significantly extend your retirement savings and even provide you with extra income for day-to-day living. Moreover, your ADU (accessory dwelling unit) can offer you the resources you might need as you and your partner age. Currently, Southern California housing is at a premium, and purchasing an additional home is extremely difficult for middle-income residents. If you’re already a homeowner, increasing your property value can give you security for the coming years. If you have children, it also offers fully independent space for them to come and stay or even live. Why is a garage conversion to an apartment space a great investment? It is estimated that nearly one-quarter of all adults between the ages of 23 and 37 have moved back into their parent’s homes, making a garage conversion to an apartment space an excellent opportunity for both parents and children. This helps children develop their financial futures while enhancing the value of the property, and possibly providing considerable future income. Additionally, a garage conversion is the most affordable ADU solution both in terms of outright cost and construction time. Homeowners don’t have to have an entirely new structure built, but have an existing space refurbished and transformed into a fully functional living area. In Southern California, ADUs have proliferated, particularly in Los Angeles County, where the number of applications in 2020 increased by a factor of 60 from three years before. It is estimated that approximately 80 percent of all homeowners interested in constructing an ADU are interested in potentially using the space for multigenerational housing purposes. This can serve as space for minor or adult children or grandchildren, for aging parents, or even for downsizing purposes if you decide to rent the space in your primary residence, but want to remain in your neighborhood. Ever-increasing Southern California rent prices have made multigenerational housing options extremely attractive for homeowners with newly independent children. ADUs offer safe, private accommodations that your college-age children can afford while in school. Once they’ve become more financially capable, the ADU can be rented to tenants at a price that can more than pay for the cost of construction. Garage Conversion to Apartment Space for Eldercare If you have an older relative who needs continual care, constructing an ADU might be more affordable for both the short and long-terms than assisted living facilities. Your loved one can live in comfort and in proximity to loved ones, maintaining as much independence as possible while being close enough to you and family support networks to ensure their safety. Garage conversion to apartment space is an excellent strategy for homeowners nearing retirement. EcoSmart Builders is committed to creating sustainable, durable ADU housing for Los Angeles County homeowners seeking to expand their living spaces. For more information about our services, please visit our information page.

Garage Conversion Advantages: Why an ADU Garage Conversion Makes Sense for Homeowners

Garage conversion ADUs are excellent resources for homeowners for a variety of reasons. If you’re a homeowner, here are a few reasons why you should think about converting your garage space. EcoSmart Builders is dedicated to providing next-generation construction solutions to owners of single and multifamily residential properties. One of the most accessible strategies for home expansion is the garage conversion. It offers extra living space and storage space, as well as the opportunity to earn supplementary rental revenue. An ADU (accessory dwelling unit) garage conversion might also provide a valuable extension to your own home — additional kitchen space, a laundry room, another bathroom, or another bedroom can add significant value to your home. The majority of homeowners and their families use their garage space as a storage unit, for –naturally — their cars and automotive accessories, but it is also commonly used as a junk room or a shed for household items that are too big to dispose of easily. It is often the most inefficiently used space on a residential property, which is why it is a prime location for an ADU. Finally, a garage conversion can be performed quickly compared to other types of ADU construction, because it is already a fully supported structure. There are multiple benefits to garage conversion. Here are a few that you should consider. Garage Conversion Maximizes Living Space The standard one-car garage measures roughly 220 square feet — a two-car garage might measure 500 square feet. For homeowners who need more living space than what their primary residences provide, a garage conversion offers a relatively affordable solution for significantly expanding the living area without spending the money or time constructing an entire addition. If you can spare the parking and storage space, it might be the ideal strategy. Garage Conversion is Less Expensive than a Redesign If you don’t have a lot of money to invest in a home expansion, a garage conversion is the most cost-effective solution, both in terms of monetary costs and the time the full build takes to complete. From planning to completion, a garage conversion ADU can be fully completed in only a few weeks. Garage Conversion Adds Property Value Garage conversion delivers the best possible ROI for homeowners looking to raise their property value. Not only does the additional living space raise the value of the parcel, but it can also help accelerate the selling process, because the property will become much more desirable. Garage Conversion Offers Professional Resources The COVID-19 crisis caused millions of people to rethink their living spaces and how they can serve their professional obligations and ambitions. Converting a garage into a home office space provides homeowners with a place to perform work tasks or to start a business venture. If you don’t use your garage or can easily adjust your car storage and free up the space, a garage conversion ADU offers a multitude of advantages. The professionals at EcoSmart Builders can work with you to design and develop a beautiful, fully functional, independent living space in a matter of weeks. To learn more about garage conversions in Los Angeles, please visit our information page.

3 Factors to Consider About Garage Conversion to Apartment Unit

Many homeowners find that a garage conversion to apartment space offers the potential for numerous financial and personal benefits. However, there are certain issues to weigh before undertaking a major construction project on your property. The following article discusses three of the most pressing factors that could determine whether the project could yield the outcomes you want. The California housing shortage is more urgent than ever, with people experiencing either homelessness or unstable housing situations at a shocking rate. The growth of housing instability has led California elected officials to loosen regulatory measures and permitting constraints with the hope that homeowners will add rental units to their properties and fill the community need. Garage conversion to apartment space is one of the most popular options, because the transitioning of an established structure into a dwelling takes less time than building a unit outright. However, garage construction into apartment space can be a significant challenge under certain circumstances. Here’s what you should consider if you’re thinking about converting your garage into a living space. The integrity of your garage. If your garage isn’t in good enough shape to withstand a conversion without a major structural overhaul, building a fully detached accessory dwelling unit might be the better solution. How the cost of construction measures against the potential return. There are numerous regions throughout Los Angeles County and surrounding areas that are in desperate need of affordable housing, so the possibility of significant revenue generation could be high. This alone could cover the cost of construction within only a few years. It’s also a relatively safe real estate investment strategy, since it’s less expensive than purchasing an off-site lot and constructing units from the ground up. If you elect to undertake a garage conversion, you’d be spending approximately one-tenth of the cost of buying real estate and constructing multi-family rental housing. Whether you’re comfortable renting the space. If you’re in any way hesitant about the possibility of renting the unit to strangers, you should think seriously about proceeding, particularly if you would need state and local incentives to afford the cost. However, if you want to convert your garage into an apartment for flexibility and to raise the value of your home, you have numerous usage options for a garage conversion. These include: Living space for family Office space Home gym Man Cave/She Shed The experts at EcoSmart Builders give homeowners the expertise and support they need to undertake complex garage conversion projects. For additional information about accessory dwelling unit construction in Los Angeles, please visit our information page.

Advantages of Accessory Dwelling Units in Los Angeles

It’s easy to see why accessory dwelling units in Los Angeles are beginning to explode in popularity. The vacation rental boom alone has made accessory dwelling units exceptional prospects for long-term income. However, there are other benefits to accessory dwelling units you should seriously consider. Here are a few reasons why you should consider constructing an accessory dwelling unit in Los Angeles if you’re a homeowner. Accessory dwelling units provide family housing options. Multigenerational housing has become an attractive option for people with older family members or children who want to save money while attending college. If you have an older parent who requires at-home caregiving services, an accessory dwelling unit could provide the comfort, convenience, and privacy that can help him or her maintain a degree of independent living while being in proximity to trusted family members. Moreover, it offers space for necessary medical equipment, disabled access features, and an adjustable homecare bed. Accessory dwelling units enhance the value of your property. An accessory dwelling unit can raise property value without being used as a rental space. A home with an accessory dwelling unit can expect to go up in value by as much as 51 percent, making construction an exceptional return on investment even if it isn’t used for rental income. Accessory dwelling units provide affordable housing options. If you decide to rent an accessory dwelling unit, you are not only providing a highly valuable service to the members of your Southern California community, you could benefit from incentive programs designed to increase affordable housing options. This could make construction easier and more affordable while adding value to your property. Accessory dwelling units are greener — if you convert an existing space. Accessory dwelling unit construction is far more eco-friendly than large-scale apartment complex construction. Typical units are less than 1,200 square feet and create significantly less of a disturbance, use far fewer resources, and take less time than standard construction. When the construction company uses eco-friendly and recycled materials, the carbon footprint shrinks even further. The most environmentally responsible option is a garage conversion. Garage conversion accessory dwelling units are not only more affordable and offer a quicker completion time than detached units. This is because repurposing an existing structure is more environmentally responsible because you are using fewer materials. EcoSmart Builders is proud to provide homeowners with the tools and expertise they need to add beautiful and sustainable units to their properties. To learn more about constructing accessory dwelling units in Los Angeles, please visit our information page.

Need Ideas for Home Decor? Make Your Garage Conversion Granny Flat a Home

Accessory dwelling units — commonly known as ADUs or ” granny flats” — are becoming extremely popular throughout Southern California. The best way to make the most of your garage conversion granny flat is by designing and decorating the space in a way that maximizes the size and comfort of the area. Don’t let the extent of your imagination be limited by the phrase ” granny flat.” While these additions got the name from their common use — namely as living spaces for senior parents — they are being built with the goal of providing housing for a diverse spectrum of people — from young people, to families, to retirees. With the rules and regulations surrounding the construction of granny flats becoming quite relaxed, garage conversion granny flats are quite simple to construct — especially if you have expert professional support. The key to ensuring a comfortable dwelling is making the most of the extremely limited space. So every decorating decision you make must be in the service of making the space appear larger and enhances functionality. Install high shelving. Using built-in shelves is a great way to reduce the number of necessary furnishings. Floor space won’t be taken up with items like bureaus, consoles, or standalone cabinets. Use decorative mirrors to generate the appearance of space. It seemed cliched, but it really works — use mirrors to create the illusion of a bigger room. You don’t necessarily have to install wall-sized mirrors to achieve the effect, but one or two large framed mirrors strategically mounted throughout the space not only enhance the appearance of the unit, but reflect light, making the room lighter and cheerier. And speaking of natural light… Let the sunshine in. Bright, sunshiny rooms appear bigger than darker, more closed-off spaces. Make large windows a part of your construction and design strategy. Not only do they provide excellent light, but they can also help control the temperature and reduce energy consumption. EcoSmart Builders helps Southern California homeowners construct environmentally friendly ADUs that help enhance the value of the property, provide beautiful living spaces for families, and generate long-term rental income. To learn more about garage conversion granny flat construction and how it can help you maximize the value of your home, please visit our information page for additional details.

What to Consider When Deciding to Undertake a Garage Conversion in Los Angeles

A garage conversion might seem like an excellent investment, but there are several factors to consider before committing to what could be a major project. Here are a few questions to ask if you’re thinking about a garage conversion in Los Angeles. EcoSmart Builders helps homeowners perform successful garage conversions in Los Angeles, helping them construct exceptional, environmentally dwellings for long-term use. Any time you think about taking on a big project, you likely consider whether the expense, burden, and potential disturbances to your lifestyle will be worth the outcome. When it comes to garage conversion, assessing the worthiness of the undertaking can be difficult, because you won’t necessarily realize the financial and personal benefits for years. The following questions might help you better understand what to expect when undertaking a garage conversion in Los Angeles. How do you plan on financing the project? This might not be an urgent matter if you have the money to pay for a garage conversion in Los Angeles out-of-pocket, but most of us will require a loan to help fund the construction of a supplementary dwelling. Refinancing is also a viable option for property owners with sufficient equity. If you have a steady income, a renovation loan might be the right call. Have you performed the proper planning and permitting procedures? The critical importance of this step cannot be overemphasized. If and when you ultimately sell your home, assess your property value, or try to get a mortgage, you must have the correct documentation that confirms your property is in full compliance with laws and ordinances. The fines and penalties for failing to have the correct approvals can be severe. How much should you charge if you decide to rent the unit? EcoSmart Builders takes pride in helping Southern California homeowners construct exceptional accessory dwelling units for rent or personal enjoyment. For more information about garage conversion in Los Angeles, please visit our information page.

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