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5 Reasons to Construct ADU Housing in Los Angeles

Building accessory dwelling unit (ADU) housing in Los Angeles has become increasingly simple over the past few years. The State of California has passed ADU legislation allowing residential property owners to construct a wide variety of additions to their homes with relatively little red tape. If you live in Los Angeles, you’ll find that the permit application and review process is easier than ever, particularly if you work with experienced ADU specialists like the team at EcoSmart Builders. We are dedicated to helping homeowners construct beautiful ADUs quickly, reliably, and affordably.

The reasons to build an ADU on your property far outnumber the reasons not to if you’re a Los Angeles homeowner. Here are the top five.

ADU Housing in Los Angeles Dramatically Increases the Value of Your Home

In Los Angeles, the cost per square foot of a residential property is roughly $470 (and possibly higher, depending upon the neighborhood). If you elect to build a 1,000 square foot detached ADU on your property, you will have increased your home’s value by $470,000.

You Have Space for Retirement Living

If you or your spouse (or both) intend to age in place, having ADU housing affords you the space to have flexibility — if you or your spouse need round-the-clock care, you can have a live-in caregiver or family member close by without sacrificing privacy. It’s a particularly good resource if you need hospital beds or other substantial medical resources, you’ll have the space to accommodate your needs.

You Have a Ready Guest House

If you have a large family that visits occasionally, it’s great to have a comfortable guest house that allows them privacy while being in proximity to the main house. ADUs offer safe and homey spaces for your close friends and family members when they travel to visit you.

You have Children who Need Affordable Living Space

If you have kids who’ve recently graduated, you’re probably aware of the struggle to find reasonably priced rentals in decent neighborhoods. Having an ADU where your kids can stay while they’re establishing a career and saving for a home will help them stay focused and better equipped to start living independently. Best of all, with separate entrances and exits, they have complete privacy!

You Have Potential Rental Income

If you choose not to use the space for guests, retirement, or children, you can rent the unit and see an excellent ROI within a year. If you opt for a garage conversion ADU, you could potentially pay off the entire cost within a few years, leaving all potential rental income a net profit.

EcoSmart Builders offers comprehensive ADU design, planning, and construction services, helping homeowners maximize the value of their properties by adding beautiful new dwellings. To learn more about ADU housing in Los Angeles, please visit our ADU information page.


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