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Advantages of Accessory Dwelling Units in Los Angeles

It’s easy to see why accessory dwelling units in Los Angeles are beginning to explode in popularity. The vacation rental boom alone has made accessory dwelling units exceptional prospects for long-term income. However, there are other benefits to accessory dwelling units you should seriously consider.

Here are a few reasons why you should consider constructing an accessory dwelling unit in Los Angeles if you’re a homeowner.

Accessory dwelling units provide family housing options.

Multigenerational housing has become an attractive option for people with older family members or children who want to save money while attending college.

If you have an older parent who requires at-home caregiving services, an accessory dwelling unit could provide the comfort, convenience, and privacy that can help him or her maintain a degree of independent living while being in proximity to trusted family members. Moreover, it offers space for necessary medical equipment, disabled access features, and an adjustable homecare bed.

Accessory dwelling units enhance the value of your property.

An accessory dwelling unit can raise property value without being used as a rental space. A home with an accessory dwelling unit can expect to go up in value by as much as 51 percent, making construction an exceptional return on investment even if it isn’t used for rental income.

Accessory dwelling units provide affordable housing options.

If you decide to rent an accessory dwelling unit, you are not only providing a highly valuable service to the members of your Southern California community, you could benefit from incentive programs designed to increase affordable housing options. This could make construction easier and more affordable while adding value to your property.

Accessory dwelling units are greener — if you convert an existing space.

Accessory dwelling unit construction is far more eco-friendly than large-scale apartment complex construction. Typical units are less than 1,200 square feet and create significantly less of a disturbance, use far fewer resources, and take less time than standard construction. When the construction company uses eco-friendly and recycled materials, the carbon footprint shrinks even further.

The most environmentally responsible option is a garage conversion. Garage conversion accessory dwelling units are not only more affordable and offer a quicker completion time than detached units. This is because repurposing an existing structure is more environmentally responsible because you are using fewer materials.

EcoSmart Builders is proud to provide homeowners with the tools and expertise they need to add beautiful and sustainable units to their properties. To learn more about constructing accessory dwelling units in Los Angeles, please visit our information page.

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