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Considering a Garage Conversion? Here Are a Few Factors to Think About

Garage conversions are fabulous solutions for providing additional living or recreational space, as well as enhancing the value of your property. However, they can present difficulties that other home remodeling projects rarely encounter. If you are considering garage conversion, here are a few considerations you should weigh before starting the process. EcoSmart Builders specializes in designing and constructing eco-friendly accessory dwelling units in Los Angeles County.

If you want to add value to your residential property, executing a garage conversion is probably the best and most effective strategy. In order for your garage conversion project to be successful, however, the outcome must fit the overall design scheme of your main residential building. The converted garage has to take on the natural aesthetic of you are main home. In order to achieve this, you must take several factors into account before initiating your project.

  • Exterior considerations. If your garage conversion looks brand new in comparison to the rest of the property, it’s almost like having your top teeth whitened and leaving the bottoms discolored. It just looks awkward, to put it mildly. The design of the garage conversion should also be in harmony with the design of the rest of the property. If the home exterior is Tudor brickwork, having a garage addition with a shingle exterior would look awkward, to say the least.
  • Access considerations. Of course, garages are constructed for the purpose of housing automobiles, and in some cases for providing an entryway into the home. This being the case, door placement should be one of the primary considerations of your design plan. Although you might be tempted to stay with the current entry, it might not be the best strategy for the final result. The functionality of the unit should be your top priority, and you must therefore work with your design team to determine what the most accessible and straightforward solution will be.
  • Floor level considerations. If your garage has a floor level that differs from that of the main property, it must be addressed during the design process. having a floor level that dips below the floor level of the rest of the property will heavily influence your design options.
  • Proportional considerations. One of the most significant considerations for the garage conversion design project is the room proportions. Garage floor plans are typically fairly simple, but they are also rectangular in most cases, so the placement of the different elements must be carefully considered to maximize space, flow, and convenience for the tenant.
  • Usage considerations. Is your new unit going to be an apartment? Is it going to be a home office? Is it going to be a home gym? While all accessory dwelling units must be able to function as separate and complete living spaces, if your goal is to design a unit for a specific purpose, in addition to functioning as a living space, that could significantly influence the characteristics of that space.
  • Storage considerations. It is very likely that you currently use your garage to store not only your automobiles, but also other items that you either wouldn’t store in your main residence or do not have room for in your main residence. Consider where those items are going to be stored in the future, or if you are going to continue to store them in the converted space. Additionally, the way you structure your garage conversion will dictate the amount of storage space your tenant will enjoy. You might come away with one of the most beautifully designed garage conversions from an aesthetic standpoint, but if you don’t have an appropriate amount of storage space for your new resident, the effect will be ruined due to clutter.
  • Natural light considerations. This might be among the most challenging factors, since garages don’t typically have much light. Take the existing layout of your property into consideration when deciding where to place windows. Clearly, there will be privacy concerns too, so a giant window facing the street might not be ideal. If your property’s backyard has a garden area, you might consider putting the largest windows in the back facing that area, which will also help give the appearance of more space while providing a beautiful view.

EcoSmart Builders offers full project management services to clients seeking garage conversions, attached accessory dwelling unit construction, detached accessory dwelling unit construction, and junior accessory dwelling unit construction. To learn more about our services, please visit our information page.

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