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Garage Conversion Advantages: Why an ADU Garage Conversion Makes Sense for Homeowners

Garage conversion ADUs are excellent resources for homeowners for a variety of reasons. If you’re a homeowner, here are a few reasons why you should think about converting your garage space. EcoSmart Builders is dedicated to providing next-generation construction solutions to owners of single and multifamily residential properties.

One of the most accessible strategies for home expansion is the garage conversion. It offers extra living space and storage space, as well as the opportunity to earn supplementary rental revenue. An ADU (accessory dwelling unit) garage conversion might also provide a valuable extension to your own home — additional kitchen space, a laundry room, another bathroom, or another bedroom can add significant value to your home.

The majority of homeowners and their families use their garage space as a storage unit, for –naturally — their cars and automotive accessories, but it is also commonly used as a junk room or a shed for household items that are too big to dispose of easily. It is often the most inefficiently used space on a residential property, which is why it is a prime location for an ADU. Finally, a garage conversion can be performed quickly compared to other types of ADU construction, because it is already a fully supported structure.

There are multiple benefits to garage conversion. Here are a few that you should consider.

Garage Conversion Maximizes Living Space

A two-car garage might measure 400 square feet. For homeowners who need more living space than what their primary residences provide, a garage conversion offers a relatively affordable solution for significantly expanding the living area without spending the money or time constructing an entire addition. If you can spare the parking and storage space, it might be the ideal strategy.

Garage Conversion is Less Expensive than a Redesign

If you don’t have a lot of money to invest in a home expansion, a garage conversion is the most cost-effective solution, both in terms of monetary costs and the time the full build takes to complete. From planning to completion, a garage conversion ADU can be fully completed in only a.6 months

Garage Conversion Adds Property Value

Garage conversion delivers the best possible ROI for homeowners looking to raise their property value. Not only does the additional living space raise the value of the parcel, but it can also help accelerate the selling process, because the property will become much more desirable.

Garage Conversion Offers Professional Resources

The COVID-19 crisis caused millions of people to rethink their living spaces and how they can serve their professional obligations and ambitions. Converting a garage into a home office space provides homeowners with a place to perform work tasks or to start a business venture.

If you don’t use your garage or can easily adjust your car storage and free up the space, a garage conversion ADU offers a multitude of advantages. The professionals at EcoSmart Builders can work with you to design and develop a beautiful, fully functional, independent living space in a matter of months. To learn more about garage conversions in Los Angeles, please visit our information page.

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