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Garage Conversion to Apartment: What You Should Know

The population in Southern California is exploding, leading to a major demand for rental housing. This phenomenon is causing many homeowners to opt for creative solutions for simultaneously generating additional long-term revenue and increasing the value of their property. Garage conversion to an apartment is the natural strategy for property owners who might not have the additional lot space on their properties for an accessory dwelling unit, but do have garage space that they do not use. Here are a few things to consider if you think garage conversion to apartment space is the right strategy for your goals and lifestyle. EcoSmart Builders specializes in project managing the construction of unique accessory dwelling units in Los Angeles County.

Garage conversion to an apartment space is an excellent strategy for optimizing the living space of a residential property. Whether you decide to rent the space or if you simply want more room for an expanding family, a garage conversion to an apartment is a significantly lower cost option than purchasing a new home outright. Additionally, it can raise the property value of your home, and, if you should decide to rent the space to a tenant, it will provide you with a steady income. Here are a few factors to deliberate upon if you want to pursue a garage conversion to an apartment.

  • Make sure you outline how you want the space to be used. Garage conversion into an apartment is more than just adding the features necessary to create a basic living space. The style of the space is important, as well as the design. While you might not want to rent the space to a tenant immediately, you might want to in the future, so the design must be aesthetically pleasing and provide a comfortable and cheerful environment. The focus of the conversion must be factored in as well. Will it be designed with the bedroom being the main focus? Will it have a large kitchen space? Will there be parties and entertaining? Put some effort into the floor plan.
  • Have a professional consultation. Professional input on a project as large as a garage conversion into an apartment is invaluable. Although you might have had experience renovating a bathroom or building an outdoor deck, please be aware that converting one space into another is a highly complex and involved undertaking. A professional team will have the experience and the knowledge necessary to foresee all potential challenges and provide an expert assessment. It’s also always helpful to have a fresh pair of eyes look at a project. This could help save you significant time, frustration, and money.
  • Timing is everything. don’t be impulsive with a major construction project. You want to make sure that you have all of your ducks in a row before you proceed, and this includes beginning construction during the most favorable season. Delaying the initiation of the project until you’re sure that the process will be as smooth as possible is a smarter strategy than beginning too early and then having it dragged on for weeks or even months beyond what you’d expected. While you might reach the finish line at the same time you would have if you’d had postponed the project, you will have spent considerably more money.

If you think that a garage conversion to an apartment project could be right for your personal and financial goals, the team at EcoSmart Builders will be more than happy to provide you with a consultation. For more details about our services, please visit our information page.

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