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Garage Conversion to Granny Flat

In Los Angeles, accessory dwelling units, also called “granny flats,” are exploding in popularity. If you’re considering garage conversion to a granny flat, here are a few decorating and design ideas that can help you make the most of the space.

Although the name “granny flat” doesn’t sound particularly hip, granny flat construction in California is becoming extremely trendy. Because regulations on accessory dwelling unit (ADU) construction have become less restrictive in the past few years, garage conversion to a granny flat is easier than ever.

Even the most space-enhancing granny flat can be challenging to decorate in a way that highlights its utility and makes it comfortable for inhabitants. Here are a few strategies that can help you maximize the space of your granny flat.

Create the illusion of space with strategically placed mirrors.

One of the most effective ways of maximizing the appearance of space is by using decorative mirrors. Not only does the reflection create the illusion of space due to enhancing the perception of the proportions of the room, it also enhances the light, making the flat brighter and more cheerful. This also provides the added benefit of making the flat appear cozy without increasing the amount of furnishings and other décor.

Use high built-in shelves.

High built-in shelving eliminates the need for storage furnishings, like bureaus and cabinets, so items can be effectively stored while maximizing floor space.

Enhance the natural light.

Natural light helps make spaces seem larger. Mirrors help to maximize natural light, but make sure your decorating strategy leaves windows and skylights open and unblocked. Not only is natural light far more flattering than artificial light, but it’s also environmentally friendly and helps keep the temperature of the space comfortable.

Install a kitchen island.

Kitchens are notoriously difficult to design in small apartments. However, there are a few tricks that help you make the most of a small space. Kitchen islands are multi-purpose units that simultaneously provide counter space for preparing food and an eating area. This removes the need to add a kitchen table, provides additional storage space, and makes the area less cramped overall.

If you’re considering garage conversion to a granny flat, EcoSmart Builders provides residential property owners the support and expertise they need to construct accessory dwelling units efficiently, sustainably, and affordably. To learn more about our services, please visit our information page.

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