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Need a Space for a Retiree? Here are the Advantages of Garage Conversion to Apartment

More and more people are seeking alternative arrangements for housing that can accommodate a senior. One of the smartest options for homeowners seeking additional space suitable for an aging parent or relative is garage conversion to apartment. EcoSmart Builders offers sustainable, durable construction of accessory dwelling units (ADU), including garage conversions, attached units, detached units, and junior ADUs.

As we get older, the need for sufficient retirement funds becomes increasingly urgent. If you’re both approaching retirement age and a homeowner, a garage conversion to apartment might be the smartest financial strategy. Not only does it increase the value of your property considerably, but it also provides additional living space if you or your spouse ever need rental income. Additionally, if you or your spouse need caregiver services around the clock, you have a dwelling ready to accommodate a live-in attendant or the supplies necessary for you or your loved one’s long-term care.

Housing in Southern California is a precious resource. For many, the option of buying a secondary home is not economically feasible for many people, even those with relatively high incomes. For those who are already homeowners, the significant increase in property value can provide security and flexibility for your golden years. For people with children, it also provides extra living space that offers full privacy.

Why should I undertake a garage conversion to apartment?

Approximately one-quarter of all American adults under the age of 37 will move back into their parents’ homes at some point. Having a private dwelling on the property makes the proposition far easier for most families because it offers the children the opportunity to amass their incomes while living their own lives.

A garage conversion is the most affordable option for a home expansion. Not only is it considerably less expensive than a full construction of a detached or attached ADU, there is also a not inconsiderable time savings.

At EcoSmart Builders, we provide end-to-end design, planning, and construction services for clients seeking to convert their garage spaces into habitable dwellings. Whether you are looking to grow your retirement nest egg, build a flexible home space for you and your spouse as you age, or create a living area for family members who choose to move back home, a garage conversion to apartment is the smartest possible option.

To learn more about ADU garage conversions in Los Angeles, please visit our ADU information page.

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