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The Benefits of Accessory Dwelling Units in Los Angeles

Accessory dwelling units in Los Angeles are becoming incredibly popular, and it’s easy to see why. Here are a few of the many benefits of constructing an accessory dwelling unit in Los Angeles.

It’s undeniable that building an accessory dwelling unit in Los Angeles is an excellent investment. With the need for affordable housing in Southern California reaching epic proportions, rental units throughout Los Angeles County are at a premium, providing consistent income opportunities to property owners in single-family and multi-family properties.

If you’re considering building an accessory dwelling unit in Los Angeles, here are a few additional benefits that might help you determine whether building an ADU is the right strategy for your lifestyle and financial goals.

ADUs offer multi-generational housing.

If you have an extended family, there might come a time when an aging parent or grandparent needs to move closer to you for caregiving or financial reasons. You might also want to have a residential unit to accommodate children who need affordable and convenient housing. ADUs are excellent options, because they allow family members to remain close even while living in private units.

ADUs raise property value.

There’s no question that having a private living space on a residential property offers numerous opportunities for revenue, whether as a long-term rental or as a vacation rental. However, even property owners who do not elect to use the ADU space as a rental unit can still enjoy financial benefits, as the addition of a habitable space on a residential property can increase the property value significantly, should they ever decide to sell.

ADUs bring economic benefits and affordable housing to your community.

If you do decide to construct an ADU for the purpose of renting it, you are providing an invaluable resource to your neighborhood and community-at-large. In California, and in Los Angeles County in particular, housing costs have become oppressive, making finding suitable living spaces nearly impossible for a huge segment of the population. If you are considering constructing an accessory dwelling unit in Los Angeles, you might qualify for incentive programs from the city that make it easier to initiate construction if you assure that you will rent the unit to a low-income household for a certain length of time.

ADUs are environmentally friendly.

Smaller, more efficient residential dwellings constructed with sustainable and eco-friendly materials offer considerably more environmental benefits than building large structures from the ground up. The average ADU is typically smaller than 1,200 square feet, with junior accessory dwelling units being 500 square feet or less, and typically constructed as either an attached unit or as a garage conversion. These smaller dwellings require fewer materials and far less overall disturbance than the construction of apartment buildings, leaving a comparatively negligible carbon footprint.

EcoSmart Builders is dedicated to providing environmentally friendly, sustainable accessory dwelling units in Los Angeles County. Please visit our information page to learn more about our services.

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