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Thinking About Adding an Accessory Dwelling Unit? Why a Garage Conversion Could be the Answer

Accessory dwelling units not only provide additional living space for property owners, but they also offer a unique opportunity to enhance the value of your home by a significant margin. Moreover, they can deliver a steady revenue stream if you elect to rent to tenants. A garage conversion could be an especially beneficial strategy for a variety of reasons – here are just a few.

If you own a residential property with a garage that is used for little more than storing old workout equipment and rusted lawn care supplies, maybe the space could be better used for another purpose. Garage conversions – the process of transforming your garage into a space designed for another specific use – could be a great solution.

While you could elect to construct an addition to your primary residence – either a detached ADU or an attached unit that abuts the main home – you would lose a fair amount of backyard square footage. If you like to spend time outdoors during the warmer months or if you don’t have a particularly large backyard to begin with, this could be a drawback.

Converting a garage allows you to effectively exploit a space you might not necessarily need. If your garage has a driveway space that can accommodate one or two vehicles, you might not need an enclosed garage to store your vehicle.

Garage conversions are also somewhat easier in that there is already a structure – you won’t have to construct a unit from the ground up (depending upon the soundness of the garage, of course). Building an entire unit is significantly more expensive and time-consuming than converting an existing one.

If you are still on the fence about the possibilities of a garage conversion, here are a few more factors:

  • Garage conversions can add approximately 20% percent to the value of your property. A garage conversion is one of the least costly and convenient types of home renovation you can initiate. Considering the overall investment of time and capital, this has the potential to yield exceptional returns – especially if you elect to rent the space.
  • Garage conversions offer flexible and private living space. Attached ADUs that use a spare bedroom or living area require a sacrifice of space in the main residence. A garage conversion, however, provides additional space without requiring the residents of the primary dwelling to make any adjustments. Moreover, it’s the most private option, particularly if the garage is detached.
  • Garage conversions can be used for a variety of purposes. While most people choose to convert their garages to ADUs, there are other uses that could be equally valuable depending upon your personal preferences. You don’t necessarily have to use the unit as a living space – your lifestyle and habits can dictate the ultimate purpose of the conversion. You can use it as a gym, an entertainment center/recreation room, home office, children’s playroom, artist’s studio, guest house… the list is endless!

EcoSmart Builders gives homeowners throughout Los Angeles County the resources and expertise they need to build beautiful, high-functioning accessory dwelling units from the planning and permitting stage all the way through to final construction. To learn more about our services, please visit our information page.

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