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What You Need to Know About Constructing a Junior ADU in Los Angeles

A junior accessory dwelling unit – often called a JADU – might be a great option for certain residential property owners in Los Angeles. But what is it, and what makes it a better option? The following article discusses the relevant issues surrounding junior ADUs in Los Angeles. EcoSmart Builders offers end-to-end construction and project management services to Los Angeles County homeowners seeking additional residential space for their properties.

Did you know that you can build an accessory dwelling unit on your residential property, as well as a junior accessory dwelling unit?

A California law that went into effect in January of 2020 states that homeowners have the option of building a junior accessory dwelling unit on their properties in addition to a standard ADU. This means you can effectively transform your single-family property into a triplex!

A junior ADU is an attached or garage conversion accessory dwelling unit that can serve as a fully functional residence on an existing residential property. A junior ADU cannot exceed 500 square feet. Additionally, California law states that the owner must reside on the property, either in the main residence or in the junior ADU.

Many property owners are attracted to the prospect of a junior ADU because it is a cost-effective addition that can be completed in a relatively short time – often only between three and six months. If you plan to continue to live in your main residence, a junior ADU could be a good fit.

Junior ADU in Los Angeles Guidelines

If you are considering adding a junior ADU to your residential property, here are a few of the guidelines:

  • A junior ADU has to provide an entryway entirely separate from the main residence. If you are converting an unused bedroom into a junior ADU, you will have to install a side door to your home.
  • A junior ADU must function as an independent living space, but it can share a bathroom with the primary residence.
  • A junior ADU has to be equipped with an efficiency kitchen area. This must include a 16″x16″ (max) kitchen sink with a 1.5″ diameter drain line. Counter space and cabinetry must be included and of a size that is proportional to the size of the unit. The kitchen appliances (range, stove, etc.) cannot be gas-powered, and no appliances can require electrical power in excess of 120 volts.
  • Additional parking space is only required if the junior ADU is an attached garage conversion. Supplementary parking can be created using the driveway space if it can accommodate two vehicles.

EcoSmart Builders specializes in garage conversion ADUs in Los Angeles, providing homeowners with consultation, project management, design, and construction services. For more information about garage conversion, please visit our information page.

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