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Why ADU Housing in Los Angeles Makes Social, Economic, and Environmental Sense

Accessory dwelling unit (ADU) housing in Los Angeles offers a broad spectrum of benefits to homeowners, renters, and entire communities. Here are a few of the advantages ADU housing in Los Angeles offers to all residents. EcoSmart Builders partners with homeowners to construct beautiful attached, detached, and junior ADUs throughout Los Angeles County. Visit our service area page to learn the areas we serve.

If you are a Southern California homeowner, you probably realize that accessory dwelling unit construction has become far easier and more affordable than it was only a decade ago. As an investment opportunity, ADUs have the potential to yield excellent returns. However, personal financial gain isn’t the only reason you should consider building an ADU.

While you might have thought about building ADU housing in Los Angeles for the potential rental income or the increase in your property value, you might not have appreciated the larger picture. Here are all the ways ADU housing benefits the larger community.

The Local Economy

Building ADU housing benefits small businesses tremendously. Small-scale construction jobs help local businesses and use local resources, helping boost employment and tax revenue for community services. Additionally, they create housing near business centers, making commutes easy and keeping a healthy labor supply within easy distance.

The Environment

ADU housing leverages existing infrastructure by building dwellings on residential lots. This means fewer disruptions to the local ecosystem and less expansion, so flora and fauna aren’t being displaced. ADU construction also leaves a relatively small environmental footprint and requires less energy output than larger developments.

The Community

Smaller housing units offer flexibility to people who would like privacy yet feel more comfortable living in a familiar neighborhood. Homeowners with aging parents can keep their vulnerable family members close to home while still affording them a degree of independence. Additionally, if you plan on building an ADU as an affordable housing option, you can take advantage of the incentive programs that grant forgivable loans to homeowners who commit to housing a low-income tenant for three years. ADUs keep Southern California housing accessible to everyone.

At EcoSmart Builders, we strive to provide first-class construction services to homeowners seeking to add an attached unit, build a detached unit, or undergo a garage conversion. If you own residential property in Los Angeles, Beverly Hills, Burbank, Agora Hills, West Hollywood, and surrounding communities, please contact us for a consultation today.

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