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Why You Should Consider Constructing an Accessory Dwelling Unit in Los Angeles

Building an accessory dwelling unit in Los Angeles is becoming easier than ever. Here are a few reasons why Los Angeles homeowners are seeing the value in constructing accessory dwelling units on their properties.

Accessory dwelling units in Los Angeles are becoming extraordinarily popular for a variety of reasons. Whether you need additional space for members of your family, if you want to build an entire home office, or if you want to rent the living space out to tenants, accessory dwelling units in Los Angeles can provide innumerable benefits. A lot of Southern Californians struggle to find affordable housing and adjust to the rising costs of living. Building an accessory dwelling unit on your property can simultaneously provide affordable housing while giving you a reliable revenue stream.

Investing in your residential property not only keeps it nice for you and other inhabitants, but it can also give you long-term financial security by raising the value of your home. If you’re considering undertaking accessory dwelling unit construction, here are a few reasons backyard accessory dwelling units in Los Angeles County could be a good idea for your property and your lifestyle.

Accessory dwelling units are highly flexible.

Even if you don’t plan on renting the unit out to a tenant, you can still glean significant value from your accessory dwelling unit in Los Angeles. Building a dedicated home office is an excellent strategy for people who need a dedicated space for remote work, or who want to begin an entrepreneurial venture.

Another great use for accessory dwelling units in Los Angeles is for personal fitness. If you would rather exercise in the privacy of your own home where you control the sanitation and upkeep of the equipment and the environment, constructing a home gym could be an excellent strategy. And keep in mind that uses for an ADU can evolve — it can start out as a living space and transition into a gym, entertainment room, or rental space later on.

Accessory dwelling units are also excellent for people who have to care for an elderly relative. It provides proximity to family members for necessary support while giving the loved one space for relatively independent living, because all ADUs are fully functional living spaces with resources for cooking, sanitation, living, and sleeping.

If your funds are limited and your property has garage space that can be repurposed without greatly inconveniencing you, a garage conversion accessory dwelling unit in Los Angeles might be your best solution. Garage conversions are typically the most affordable class of ADU because you’re effectively redesigning a structure, rather than building one from the ground up. Best of all, they take less time to construct than a standalone ADU, so you can have your extra space ready to use in a matter of weeks.

EcoSmart Builders helps Los Angeles County homeowners construct exquisite accessory dwelling units using sustainable materials and designed to suit the aesthetic of the primary residence. To learn more about accessory dwelling units in Los Angeles, please visit our information page.

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