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An accessory dwelling unit (ADU) in Burbank could offer a multitude of personal and financial advantages. Not only will it significantly enhance your property value, but it also provides the opportunity to earn consistent, reliable income as a rental unit. The team at EcoSmart Builders offers the expertise, the project management acumen, and the dedication to ensure consistently excellent results, regardless of the specifications of your accessory dwelling unit, or the size of the project.

If you’re a residential property owner in Burbank, constructing an accessory dwelling unit is a cost-conscious solution for property enhancement. Even if you don’t want to rent out the unit, an ADU nonetheless provides numerous lifestyle enhancements. With flexibility, ease of maintenance, notable property value enhancement, and the potential to earn significant revenue for the long term, constructing an ADU in Burbank could yield benefits for years or decades to come.

An ADU is an add-on unit to any residential property that can be a self-contained dwelling. This dwelling could either be attached to the main residence or an entirely separate building just so long it is on the residential property. On average, and a du is generally 400 square feet, though it is possible to construct an Adu in Burbank as large as 1200 square feet.

ADUs are extremely flexible. While they are largely constructed with the intent of housing a renter, they still have a multitude of uses. Your ADU could be a home office, a home theater, a home gym, or any number of private accommodations. If you think constructing an ADU in Burbank would be advantageous to your lifestyle and budget, here are some of the categories of unit you might select:

  • Attached ADU. When the unit is built into any portion of the primary residence, it is an attached ADU. An attached ADU could also be a unit built on top of a garage or a garage conversion.
  • Detached ADU. When the unit is completely separate from the main residence yet still on the property, it is considered a detached ADU. A garage conversion could also be a detached ADU if the garage itself is separate from the primary dwelling.
  • Garage Conversion ADU. A Garage Conversion ADU is either the transition from a functioning garage into a dwelling or the addition of a dwelling on top of a garage.
  • Junior ADU (JADU). When an ADU is no larger than 500 square feet it is generally considered a junior ADU, or JADU. A JADU can be an attached ADU, detached ADU, or garage conversion.

Benefits of a Burbank Accessory Dwelling Unit

  • An ADU makes an excellent investment in both the sort and long-terms. Not only will an ADU increase the homeowner’s property value, but it will also provide the opportunity to earn rental income.
  • An ADU is a flexible home modification. An ADU doesn’t have to necessarily be a living space — it can be a dedicated area for a home office, or a kid’s playroom, or an entertainment center.
  • An ADU offers privacy to the residents. Both the occupants of the primary residence and the occupants of the ADU live independently of one another, so neither has to adjust their lifestyle to accommodate the other.

EcoSmart Builders are committed to building efficient and environmentally responsible accessory dwelling units in Burbank and throughout the greater Los Angeles area. Contact the helpful team at EcoSmart Builders for a free home qualification today.

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