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Accessory dwelling units (ADU) have proliferated across California in the last decade, largely due to relaxed regulations and a streamlined permitting process in counties throughout the state. If you choose to construct an accessory dwelling unit in Calabasas, you should be aware of the advantages and disadvantages of constructing an ADU.

Why should you build an ADU in Calabasas?

Accessory dwelling units are becoming incredibly popular throughout Southern California. These small residential units are fully functional living spaces that can either be detached from the primary residence or attached, as in a unit on top of an existing garage.

There are numerous benefits to constructing an ADU on your property in Calabasas. Firstly, the units add significant property value. For a relatively small investment, you can enhance the value of your property by a significant margin, regardless of whether you decide to use your ADU as a dwelling, entertainment room, home office, or another type of lifestyle application. ADUs also bring in rental income. Southern California is currently experiencing a rental unit shortage, creating an urgent need for affordable housing and making an ADU in Calabasas an excellent investment opportunity.

If you don’t wish to rent out space on your property, an ADU could nonetheless be a sound long-term investment. You can build a dedicated, fully functional fitness center, complete with a bathroom and shower. You could construct a home office with all of the amenities you need to conduct business remotely. You might even give your kids their own playroom!

Types of ADUs

An ADU is a secondary unit on a residential lot. While the space can be used for any purpose, it must be able to function as a living space independently of the main residence.

You have your choice of ADU categories, which include

  • Detached ADU: A detached accessory dwelling unit is a unit separate from the main residence — it is constructed independently with its own entrance. This offers maximum privacy to homeowners who wish to rent the space as a dwelling.
  • Attached ADU: An attached accessory dwelling unit is a unit that is connected to the primary residence. This could be a unit that is built into the home itself, or a unit that is built on top of the garage.
  • Garage Conversion: This is an accessory dwelling unit that is either constructed on top of the garage or effectively transforms the garage into a living space.
  • Junior ADU: This is an accessory dwelling unit that is smaller than 500 square feet. This might be an attached, detached, or garage conversion ADU.

EcoSmart Builders specializes in designing and constructing sustainable and energy-efficient ADUs in Calabasas and throughout the Los Angeles County area. Contact the dedicated team at EcoSmart Builders for a free home qualification today.

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