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If you’re a homeowner in Long Beach, an accessory dwelling unit (ADU) is a cost-effective strategy for simultaneously generating rental income and increasing your property value significantly. With an excellent long-term return on investment, the addition of an ADU can help you offset the higher costs of living in Southern California while providing an affordable rental housing option. EcoSmart Builders helps clients maximize their real estate investment, ensuring the project is efficient and successful, regardless of size or scale.

ADU housing is a small residential space constructed on a single-family property. They are generally 400 square feet or smaller, and offer all of the amenities of a fully functional residence, with a kitchen and bathroom. The demand for ADUs in Long Beach has increased exponentially throughout the previous decade due to friendly legislation, with thousands of homeowners opting to construct detached units on their properties for the abundant financial benefits. There are several different categories of ADU, including:

  • Attached ADU – An attached ADU is an add-on structure that is connected to the primary single-family home. It can be either attached at ground-level or build on top of a detached garage.
  • Detached ADU – A detached ADU is a structure built upon the property that is completely separate from the primary structure. This might be custom-designed or converted from an existing detached garage. ADU.
  • Garage Conversion ADU – If you have an unused garage, a garage conversion ADU might be a sensible project. This is the conversion of a detached or attached garage into a functioning living space.
  • Junior ADU (JADU) – This is effectively an attached mini-ADU. Junior ADUs are typically no larger than 500 square feet. These may be converted from an existing living space within the primary dwelling.

While many ADUs are constructed for the purpose of generating rental income, it is also possible to install an ADU for other purposes, such as creating a private home office, a home gym, or simply a guest house for friends and family who need periodic, indefinite accommodations. Here are a few benefits of constructing an ADU in Long Beach:

Benefits of an ADU in Long Beach

  • ADUs are cost-effective property investments – ADUs are significantly less expensive than purchasing and refurbishing new real estate. By constructing an ADU on your single-family property, you can achieve a substantial return at a relatively low up- front cost while securing regular rental income.
  • ADUs are flexible – You don’t have to rent your ADU or use it as a living space. An ADU can be a home office or personal space. If you have relatives or friends who need accommodations, you have a home ready.
  • ADUS offer privacy – Whether you need a secluded home office or a non- intrusive residence for family or friends, an ADU offers all of the necessities for privacy.

The professionals at EcoSmart Builders have the experience, expertise, and passion to produce exceptional, custom-built ADUs to your unique specifications. We partner with every client to help them successfully navigate the building process from end to end. This includes the design and development of the structure, understanding the legal aspects of the project, securing the proper permits, and overseeing all areas of construction. If you think ADU housing in Long Beach could be right for your lifestyle and financial goals, contact the EcoSmart Builders team for a free home qualification.

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