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If you’re thinking about building an accessory dwelling unit (ADU) in Los Angeles, the professionals at EcoSmart Builders deliver the skill, dedication to excellence, and project management expertise to ensure successful execution of every home construction project of all sizes and scopes.

If you’re a single-family or multi-family homeowner in Los Angeles, an ADU could be a cost-effective solution for raising the value of your home while providing additional rental income. Rental housing in Southern California is limited, so investing in an ADU has the potential for providing a significant return on investment. Affordable housing is a strong investment during the current economic climate, offering significant capacity for stable long-term revenue generation.

An ADU is any small-to-midsize building located either on the property of or integrated within a single-family home. A typical ADU is sized at roughly 400 square feet, though it is possible to construct ADUs in Los Angeles up to 1,200 square feet.

ADUs aren’t limited to living spaces, however. An ADU has a variety of uses, from a home office, to a small workshop, to a private gym. If you think a Los Angeles ADU could be right for your needs and lifestyle, here are the different options you can choose:

  • ADU attached – An attached ADU is a bespoke unit attached to the primary single-family residence. An attached ADU can either join the main structure or be constructed on top of the attached or detached garage.
  • Detached ADU – A detached ADU is an entirely independent custom built or ADU constructed upon the single-family residential property.
  • Garage Conversion ADU – A Garage conversion ADU converts the garage unit into a fully functional dwelling.
  • Junior ADU (JADU) – Junior ADUs are smaller versions of standard ADUs; they’re the conversion of an existing livable space, such as a spare bedroom. They are generally no bigger than 500 square feet.

Benefits of a Los Angeles Accessory Dwelling Unit

  • An ADU is an affordable real estate investment – Los Angeles is an extremely costly city, but for homeowners, installing an ADU upon the property is a relatively low-cost strategy for significantly increasing real estate value and generating stable rental income.
  • An ADU offers flexible accommodations – Homeowners who do not intend to rent the additional space might still benefit from the addition of an ADU, since it offers additional living space for extended family.
  • An ADU is a private living space – Whether you use the ADU as a rental space, home office, home gym, or as a guest house for family, you and its inhabitants can enjoy the privacy it provides.

EcoSmart Builders delivers a full suite of services, from designing your ADU to providing full construction services. If you are considering constructing ADU housing in Los Angeles County, contact the team at EcoSmart Builders for a free home qualification.

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