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West Hollywood is a culturally diverse, welcoming-yet-upscale region within Los Angeles County, famous for the Sunset Strip, celebrity sightings, world-renowned restaurants, and legendary nightclubs. Though these features have made West Hollywood one of the most attractive and sought-after neighborhoods in Southern California, they have also made it one of the priciest. If you’re a homeowner in West Hollywood, adding an accessory dwelling unit to your property could yield numerous personal and financial benefits both in the short and long terms.

Accessory dwelling units – commonly known as ADUs – are cost-effective and popular housing options for homeowners seeking additional residential space. As housing becomes less affordable in densely populated cities throughout the U.S., demand for ADUs is steadily increasing, as they simultaneously meet housing needs and help homeowners increase the value of their properties. In recent years, ADUs have become remarkably popular in California, and West Hollywood in particular.

An ADU is legally defined as a secondary livable property that exists on a lot with a primary residence. ADUs are also commonly called in-law units, secondary dwelling units, or “granny flats.” An ADU might be either an entirely separate unit built on a residential back yard or an attached unit that is built out of either the primary residence or atop a garage. An ADU can be constructed on both single-family and multi-family properties.

While the concept of ADUs is not new, the laws regarding the zoning, planning, and construction of ADUs have been changed recently, making the structures extremely attractive additions to residential properties. Because the permitting processes for constructing ADUs in West Hollywood have become more relaxed, building an ADU could be a worthwhile investment. A few benefits of ADUs include:

  • Affordable to construct and maintain
  • Can be constructed on existing property; no additional land purchase necessary
  • Reliable source of additional income
  • Eco-friendly
  • Can be used for a multitude of purposes

Types of ADUs

ADUs are primarily built to house family members or to provide rental income while maintaining privacy for both the residents of the primary dwelling and the renters. These residential units are in particular demand in California regions like West Hollywood; ADUs fill a sizable housing gap while adding significant value to the properties on which they are constructed.

The main types of ADUs include:

  • Detached ADU: Detached accessory dwelling units are buildings that are completely independent of the primary residence. They are separate structures and have their own entrances.
  • Attached ADU: Attached accessory dwelling units are connected to the main residential structure. These can be constructed into the main home – with a separate entrance – or built on top of a garage.
  • Garage Conversion: Garage conversions are accessory dwelling units that are either built on top of the garage structure or units that transform the entire garages into functional living spaces.
  • Junior ADU: Junior accessory dwelling units are either detached, attached, or garage conversion ADUs that are smaller than 500 square feet.

EcoSmart Builders offers full project management support for the construction of sustainable, environmentally friendly accessory dwelling units in West Hollywood and throughout the greater Los Angeles area. To learn more about EcoSmart Builders’ services or to qualify your property for an ADU garage conversion, please visit our information page.

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