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Accessory Dwelling Units in Woodland Hills

If you’re considering constructing an accessory dwelling unit (ADU) in Woodland Hills, the team at EcoSmart Builders offers the expertise, commitment to environmentally friendly practices, and efficiency to ensure successful project completion, regardless of scale.

If you’re a homeowner in Woodland Hills, an ADU might be an excellent strategy for not only adding value to your home, but also creating a revenue stream as a rental unit. Southern California housing is in short supply, and ADU construction offers a substantial return on investment. With the cost of living in California being among the highest in the U.S., an investment in affordable housing has the potential for being a sound long-term financial solution.

ADU housing is any small construction on a single-family or multi-family residential property, with the standard ADU size being approximately 400 square feet. However, an ADU doesn’t have to specifically be a housing unit — a Woodland Hills ADU can be utilized by the property owner as a home office, or a home gym. Here are the variations of ADU in Woodland Hills you can select:

  • Attached ADU. These are custom-designed or ADU units that are joined to the primary residence. Attached ADUs might be connected to the home or built on top of the garage.
  • Detached ADU. These are separate units that are built on the property but are separate from the primary residence. An ADU could also be converted from existing detached garage.
  • Garage Conversion ADU. Garage conversion ADUs are units that are built in an existing garage. This differs from the attached garage option because the unit will no longer be usable as a garage space.
  • Junior ADU (JADU). These are small units that are no larger than 500 square feet. They might be converted from an existing livable space within the primary building.

Benefits of a Woodland Hills Accessory Dwelling Unit

  • Accessory dwelling units are affordable. Woodland Hills is a high-priced region, but ADUs offer an affordable solution for adding significant home value and potential rental income.
  • Accessory dwelling units provide additional living space. Even if you don’t intend to rent your ADU for additional income, having extra living space is a fantastic option for children and aging parents (ADUs are also known as “granny flats”).
  • Accessory dwelling units offer privacy. If you want your extended family to live close by while still maintaining privacy, ADUs are excellent resources.

EcoSmart Builders has a proven track record of conceptualizing, designing, engineering, and building exceptional ADU housing in Woodland Hills and cities throughout Southern California. We are proud to help diverse clients navigate the construction process easily and affordably, helping them understand legal nuances and develop the best ADU for their individual needs.

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EcoSmart Builders spares no attention to detail. My wife and I were having trouble finding someone that could see through our ideas. The EcoSmart team quickly understood our vision and came up with a plan that fit our budget. We LOVE our new bathroom. Worth it.

- Alan B.

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